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Redefining What Is The Natural Look

By Lameece Mustafa January 17, 2018 “It may be rash to state, albeit, the technique of using makeup to appear natural is an oxymoron.“ Let’s redefine the ‘natural look’: Creating the “natural look” using cosmetic products is an idea that…

America: Where Muhammad Becomes Moe

 By LAMEECE MUSTAFA October 25, 2017 “The first step to becoming a red-blooded part of America is to change your name.  Read more about being Muslim in America HERE or HERE! Herein lies the guide to becoming the perfect American in a Muslim…

Are You Actually a Foodie?

By LAMEECE MUSTAFA September 23, 2017 “Lets take a walk back in time to when the word foodie meant “having gourmet taste for rich, exotic food, and wine” (Vera Tweed). Nowadays, to be a foodie all you have to do…