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18 • Author-"Crossing Red Lights" • CEO & Founding EIC of REV 21 Media Inc. • Screenwriter • Pre-med

Bryant Park: A Metropolitan Park in the City of Lights

By Sadaf Ayaz In the heart of Midtown where work meets leisure, hundreds saunter into Bryant Park. Naked trees loom ahead with branches entangled into one another, fencing the park and the memories within it. In a place in the…

48-Hour News Blackout

By SADAF AYAZ September 3rd, 2018 “Honestly, it’s a grand idea for other social media-obsessed, instant-gratification yearning users around the globe.” During my 1.5 hour commute back home from the city, you can imagine I flip from one app to…

Reactance: When Protesting Can Do More Harm Than Good

By MIKAL MANN and KAITIE EDDINGTON August 2nd, 2018 “Productive protesting just requires a different approach: engagement with the other side. “ Although it may seem it started after Donald Trump was elected, protesting has always been an American institution…

What If I Was Capable? | REV 21 Media | Lao Tzu | Inspirational Video

By REV 21 STAFF November 16th, 2017 What if you were capable of achieving everything you wanted with a simple step?


At REV 21, we are dedicated to produce quality work that is both informative and enjoyable for our readers. As writers, you have the important task to build REV 21 into the diverse magazine it is–you are at our front…