Journalism Intern

At REV 21, we are dedicated to produce quality work that is both informative and enjoyable for our readers. As journalism interns, you have the important task to build REV 21 into the diverse magazine it is–you are at our front lines along with our brilliantly creative writers.

Being selected for our internship as a journalist at REV 21 allows you to further develop your presence within the professional reporting and writing world, all while having a dedicated team to build you up. Journalists will be required to pitch news stories, report on them and write in AP Style. Journalists will be assigned to an editor who will work alongside them to help them fix errors, and provide constructive criticism and tips to further embellish the article. You will also be responsible for conducting man-on-the-street interviews on camera. Journalism Interns have the perks of getting VIP Media access to several big events for coverage.

REV 21 offers readers a multitude of topics to choose from, which gives our journalists a wide range of topics to dabble in. Being a journalist at REV 21 will give you an extra edge and opportunity to endeavor more into the world around us! It will provide you with the hands on experience to flourish in your career!

Position Type: Unpaid Internship

Location: NYC


  • Minimum age of 18
  • Must be punctual in submitting articles
  • Must be able to provide unique perspectives and thoughts in content
  • Must be open to learning professional journalism
  • Should be able to set aside a minimum of 6 hours a week for position
  • Should be open to criticism
  • Independently driven, but also a strong team player
  • Dedicated, innovative, affable, and positive disposition
  • Able to work quickly and efficiently


  • Submit weekly articles
  • Cover events as press
  • Investigate new leads
  • Communicate with editors, superiors, and others in a respectful and efficient manner
  • Uphold the message and reputation of REV 21

Please upload your latest resume. We want to know about your experiences and credentials to ensure you will be a good fit for our team.
If you feel like your resume is missing some information that could be vital to your application, please feel free to upload a cover letter.
Please upload a writing sample of your choosing.
Please write an article on current events relating to the US. It can be on any category you feel comfortable writing about.
If you have a website link to something you believe could positively impact your application, please share it above.

For further inquiry, please email us at: [email protected]

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